Speeches & Presentations

At Big River, we are proud to have been called on by our colleagues to present our experience and expertise at large membership associations, industry conferences, small group workshops, and individual management teams.

The below list is a sampling of past presentations.  If you are seeking a professional speaker for an upcoming event please call to enquire about availability.

  • Change Management Odyssey

    A critical event is often the catalyst for change, leading to restructuring, almost a constant in growing companies. As such, change is more of an odyssey, because managing change is dynamic, evolving and never ending.

    While change is natural, inevitable and often essential, it is human nature for people to fear and resist change. This speech shares the 10 key elements for an effective change management program.  The examples used were gained from real life business transformations.

    This presentation focuses on the role of the sponsor, the importance of culture change in realigning strategic direction, and the responsibility of leaders to foster team building.

  • Demands of Corporate Growth

    Every business knows; if you aren’t driving forward, you are sliding backwards.  The need for growth is constant, and brings with it special demands.  This presentation candidly discusses what management must address to keep moving forward.

    As an operator, entrepreneur and strategist, Eric Sigurdson focuses on the “Demands of Corporate Growth”, which when met propel a company toward success.

    The speech highlights growth from three perspectives; growth after recession or bankruptcy; growth for a sustaining but stagnant business; and growth of a startup. The 12 “demands” for successful growth are identified, presented and related to circumstances of the growth business.

  • A Franchise Journey, The Real Krispy Kreme Story

    Anyone who has ever thought about building their business beyond the title of “small business,” has thought about franchising.   The Franchise Journey, The Real Krispy Kreme Story is a candid and often humorous presentation that shows the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of running a franchise

    The speech is delivered by Eric Sigurdson, founder and CEO of the company that secured area development rights to Krispy Kreme doughnuts in Missouri, Illinois and NW Indiana, growing to $60 million peak sales.  The audience will walk away with a totally new understanding of the challenges of owning and operating a successful franchise business.

    Highlights include; The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!; It’s the Feel Good Business, Not the Doughnut Business; Can You Believe it, They Changed the Recipe!; Ultimate Stupidity, Turning a Cult into a Commodity!; Krispy Kreme “Cooks the Books”; It was never about the Fat, Stupid!; Gangs of New York!; Absent Leadership, Incompetent Management!  Time to Sell.